Huntington Mediation Lawyers

Most legal cases are settled before they go to trial, and where they are settled is in mediation. Most courts in West Virginia require mediation before they go to trial.

The attorneys of Lamp Bartram Levy Trautwein Perry & Powell, PLLC , are known as successful mediators. Partner Jim Lamp devotes a significant portion of his practice to mediation in all types of civil disputes, including:

  • Employment Law Claims
  • Personal injury claims
  • Premises liability
  • Product liability
  • Professional, dental and medical malpractice
  • Insurance disputes
  • Business torts
  • Contract disputes

Our success as mediators is due in large part to our decades of experience as litigators. Our lawyers understand how to evaluate claims and understand defenses. We know the elements of proof that are required to establish liability, assess damages and give fair evaluation of what a jury is likely to do. On top of that, we know how to keep lines of communication open to overcome roadblocks and help both sides move toward settlement or at least limit the number of issues that need to be litigated.

The stakes can be extremely high in civil litigation. Mediation provides an opportunity for the two sides to shape the outcome, while avoiding the cost and uncertainty of a trial. Our lawyers often mediate cases involving multimillion-dollar claims.

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